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BIOBIB - A Database for biofuels

ABSTRACT: The increased utilisation of biofuels for heat and power production has enjoyed increasing political support in the European Union. This has resulted in a large number of biofuels being proposed for energy supply without sufficient consideration given to their suitability for thermal conversion. For this reason the database BIOBIB was installed to bring together the most relevant data for thermal utilisation of biofuels analysed by standard analytical methods. BIOBIB includes data of the ultimate analysis of the elements, the proximate analysis, the analysis of the minor and trace elements, data about the melting behaviour of the ash and much more. BIOBIB does not only cover information about different types of wood, straw and energy crops but also waste-wood samples and biomass-waste-assortments of different biomass-treating industries (e.g. wood processing industry, pulp and paper industry, food industry). Currently the database contains 331 different fuels.
[K.Reisinger et al., BIOBIB- a Database for Biofuels, THERMIE- Conference: Renewable Energy Databases, Harwell (United Kingdom), 1996]

CONTENTS: Links to the most important topics can be found at the top of each page. This side provides a search of the database for biomass data, for relevant literature, the biomass data sources and a description of the nomenclature used to describe the biofuels. This side also provides further information about us and the BIOBIB.

BIOBIB - search categories

The BIOBIB is divided into three categories:

waste material

Please choose one of them to get information about the ultimate analysis and combustion data. An alphabetically sorted list is also available.