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Motivation and Positioning


Wir bitten um Verständnis, dass diese Informationen derzeit nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar sind.


Our approach is to convert data into information by deriving volumetric and specific rates as well as yield coefficients. Those entities are independent from scale and initial conditions and therefore suitable for scale up. Furthermore, knowledge is gained by analysis of multivariate dependencies of those specific parameters. Once knowledge is reached, the system should be decomposed again to simple measurements, carrying the knowledge to a suitable control strategy, which can be applied at manufacturing scale.

It is the goal to develop methods for generic applicability. Therefore the described approach is currently applied to different organisms, E. coli. P. pastoris (for production of therapeutic proteins), but also to filamentous fungi (secondary metabolites), mammalian cells (antibodies, vaccines) and also extremophiles (waste to value approaches).

Extract of our portfolio of work horses and products

  • Mammalian cell lines:

    • Monoclonal antibodies and vaccines

  • E. coli:

    • Fusion proteins and antibody fragments
    • Ghosts and integrated bioprocess development
    • Tunable promoter technologies

  • P. pastoris:

    • Novel physiological processes and cell factories
    • Glycoengineering

  • Filamentous fungi:

    • Analysis and control of morphology

  • Methanogenic archaea:

    •  Power to Gas: methane from gaseous substrates

  • H2 producing bacteria:

    • Use of hemicelluloses
    • Coupling H2 production with CH4 production

  • Halophiles:

    • Waste streams  to value added carotinoides

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