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Group Leader

Julian Kager

"We and our models want to solve problems of current and future Biotechnology"


Don Fabian Müller

"Measurements are only the first step towards a reliable monitoring strategy "

Daniel Waldschitz

"Models enables us to handle a higher degree of complexity in biotechnological processes "

Niklas Pauk (CHASE)

"Re-folding and modelling of re-folding kinetics"

Sven Daume

"The adaption of existing algorithms and the consolidation of them in easy-to-use and automatized workflows is key to increase their fields of application"

Peter Sinner

"Already with limited knowledge on a system a model with high uncertainties can help us to make the right decisions"

Adnan Jouned (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology)

“In Biotech, sudden changes in cells metabolism and discontinues process modes still  impedes the extensive usage of models”


Matthias Petsch (Technician)

Nora Horst (Masterthesis)


Katrin Schiller

"Model-assisted optimization of a recombinant Corynebacterium glutamicum bioprocess", 2020

Jenny Gutmann

"Quantitative analysis of bacteriocin in microbial cultivation supernatants", 2020

Konrad Lagoda

"Bioprocess Control utilising Alternative Speci c Rates", 2020

Sandro Kofler

"Feed optimization of a cell culture fed-batch process using a mechanistic model", 2020

Marlene Stiegler

"Characterization of sugar uptake and growth kinetics of recombinant Corynebacterium glutamicum utilizing a lignocellulosic waste stream", 2019

Lisa Sidarenka

"Monitoring of Corynebacterium glutamicum cultivations by means of a genetically encoded fluorescence sensor", 2019

Georg Scherfler

"Generation of Optimal Sampling Schedules for an Escherichia coli Fed-batch Process
with a Modular Automated Sampling System", 2019

Vladimir Berezhinskiy

"Comparison of different model-based observers for monitoring substrate and product concentrations in a Penicillium chrysogenum Fed-batch process", 2019

Andrea Tuveri

"Model Based Control of Penicillium Chrysogenum Fed-Batch Process", 2018