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Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Dr. nat. techn. Stefan Pflügl


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~~~ NEWS ~~~

2022/02/11: We have currently a PhD position available for metabolic and bioprocess engineering of acetogens to develop powerful biocatalysts using CO2 to produce chemicals and fuels.

Check out the job announcement in the open positions section or get in touch with Stefan Pflügl (

We are also still looking for MSc students who want to work with gas-fermenting organisms.

To learn more, please check out the job announcement in the open positions section or get in touch with Rémi Hocq (

Sustainable Bioprocess Solutions

Creating value from carbon waste

Our mission is to exploit microbial diversity to develop bioprocesses relying on waste or residual carbon streams as feedstocks and turn them into value-added products such as alcohols, diols or organic acids.

To achieve this goal, we use different microbial hosts including acetogenic bacteria (e.g., A. woodii), E. coli or V. natriegens. Using a multidisciplinary approach that includes strain and bioprocess engineering, an advanced analytical toolbox for raw material analysis, and -omics analysis and metabolic modeling, we not only try to develop novel bioprocesses but also to advance our understanding on metabolism and physiology of these organisms.

Feedstocks include gaseous substrates from industrial sources (e.g., from steel mills) or biomass gasification, agro-based residuals (e.g., molasses or whey), and ligno-based streams (e.g., spent sulfite liquor from pulp and paper production).

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