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CD-Laboratory Head Prof. Christoph Herwig

Gumpendorferstrasse 1a / 166-4

A-1060 Wien, Österreich

Tel:     +43 1 58801 166400

Fax:    +43 1 58801 166980

Scope and Mission

 The CD Laboratory aims at providing sound science-based methods for comprehensive understanding of bioprocesses and improving their effectiveness along their life cycles. To achieve those goals a bundle of methods need to be developed that should comprise own:

  1. Fundamental innovation: Focus on proof of principles of developed methodology rather than concentrating on process or product specific findings.

  2. Physiological and methodological approach: The methods must be set up on mechanistic and physiological principles. They should avoid the need of using training data sets, as they are used in statistical approaches, multivariate data analysis (MVDA) or chemometric approaches. Those MVDA tools should be used to propose hypotheses, hence they serve as input to gain mechanistic understanding.

  3. Focus on simplicity: Data reduction and information and therefore transferability rather than full blown “-omics” approaches. Methods should be simple and transferable. The methods may be based on first principle approaches, focusing on strict transfer of solutions from other disciplines and using hybrid approaches.

  4. Focus on platform technology rather than on product: Multiple products can be expressed using one of the technologies mentioned above. Hence, there is an increased benefit establishing methods which allow gaining process understanding of the platform, the host and the expression system. Hence product quality attributes should have a model character for extrapolation to other products. Methods should allow differentiation of the observed effect whether it is attributable to the specific product or to the platform.

The overall mission of the CD Laboratory is therefore:

Develop new platform oriented methods for a scalable, transferable and integrated bioprocess design using mechanistic and physiological approaches

The CD Laboratory aims at building bridges from industrial needs into basic science aspects. The main deliverables of the CD Laboratory are methods. The deliverables should be checked for transferability to industrial application; however implementation itself is not in scope of the CD laboratory.

The CD Laboratory follows a systematic approach from the industrial need to improved bioprocesses by formulating basic science research tasks and developing transferable methods derived from basic science understanding