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CD-Laboratory Head Prof. Christoph Herwig

Gumpendorferstrasse 1a / 166-4

A-1060 Wien, Österreich

Tel:     +43 1 58801 166400

Fax:    +43 1 58801 166980

Research Activities

The CD laboratory covers TWO modules with the industrial partner Sandoz GmbH (started 1.3.2013) and with BIA Separations GmbH (opened 1.5.2014)

Module 1:

We concentrated our research on the following three Research Topics(RT) focusing on the life cycle elements of scale up and robustness of processes:

RT-A Bacterial Cultures: CQA quantification and customization of Inclusion Bodies

Goal: Develop methods to adjust Upstream Processing (USP) to enable robust downstream operations.

RT-A Bacterial Cultures: Continuous Upstream Processing



RT-B Filamentous Fungi: Process prediction tools

Goal: Develop methods to predict process performance from early growth phases and quantification of morphology.

RT-C Mammalian Cells: Scale down analysis

Goal: Analyze and understand effects of large scale heterogeneities.


RT-X: PSE Tool for Methodological Toolset Selection in Bioprocess Development

Module 2:

Module 2 had the goal of analyzing whether monolith technology can be used as a versatile tool in two dimensions:

RT1 : downstream processing methods

RT2 : analytical PAT method along the process.

Research Topic Dimensions in Module II