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Donnerstag, 2015-04-23

Die TU Wien auf der größten Industriemesse der Welt

Eine ganze Reihe technologischer Innovationen präsentierte die TU Wien auf der Hannover Messe. Wichtige Kontakte für künftige Kooperationen konnten geknüpft werden.

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Mittwoch, 2014-10-08

Three new Master Thesis positions available in our Lab

Three positions are available in our lab.

Rate of death-a Matter of productivity deals with cellular lysis in E.coli...


Mittwoch, 2014-04-30

Brand new 60l reactor set in place

Our new reactor has arrived. Our new gadget (fully CIP/SIP able) will help investigating scale up effects. Owned to the high dynamic range of the stirring motor we can ferment microbials as well as mammalian cell lines in our new toy.


Freitag, 2014-01-31

New PhD position available in the Christoph Herwig Group for bioprocess development

A new opportunity has opened for future PhD candidates. With a waste to value approach industrial complex residual streams shall be processed into value added products. Additionally using micro algea as substrate or biofuel production the biorefinery...


Mittwoch, 2014-01-15

New diploma/masterthesis position

A new diploma/masterthesis position has opened recently. Dealing with physiological states during E.coli fermentations the project is aiming to compare state of the art and conventional bioprocess control strategies. For more information visit to...


Dienstag, 2014-01-07

New Lecture in Summer Term 2014

166.655 Integrated biopharmaceutical production in pilot scale

Aim of course

Introduction to the complexity of integrated and automated production and purification of recombinant proteins by microbial hosts in pilot scale

Subject of course