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Head of Research Group

Priv. Doz. Mag.rer.nat. Dr. Bernhard Seiboth

Research Group: Molecular Biotechnology

Head: Priv. Doz. Mag.rer.nat. Dr. Bernhard Seiboth


Fungi are used in industry as production hosts for a wide range of proteins, enzymes and different metabolites. Among these Trichoderma reesei is a main source for different enzyme preparations including cellulases and hemicellulases and is used for large-scale recombinant protein production. Carbohydrate active enzymes (CAZymes) produced by T. reesei are employed in different industries including biorefineries to depolymerize plant biomass to simple carbohydrates. These sugars are then further converted to other bio-based products including chemicals or fuels.


My group uses modern molecular biological tools to understand the life style and physiology of fungi with the mission to rationally engineer their behavior towards human benefit. We employ different systems biological tools, synthetic cell design and metabolic engineering to generate improved production hosts for biotechnological processes. Research focuses on the improvement of recombinant enzyme and protein production by designing tailor-made fungal strains, the identification and regulation of novel catabolic pathways of carbohydrates and regulatory processes that govern CAZyme expression. Another focus is on the improvement of the genetic and molecular tools to accelerate strain development.


Bernhard Seiboth studied Microbiology at the University of Vienna and graduated in 1996 on "Molecular regulation of cellulase gene expression in Trichoderma reesei". He was awarded with a one year post-doctoral Erwin Schrödinger grant and further postdoc experience was gained on filamentous fungi as cell factories within two EC funded projects ( He habilitated in 2011 on Molecular Biotechnology. He is editor of Fungal Genetics and Biology and editorial board member of Applied and Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology Letters. Since 2015 he is P.I. in the Austrian Center of Industrial Biotechnology.