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Characterization of HAX1 a long ncRNA in Trichoderma reesei (2014-2017)


Recently, the spectrum of classical functions of so-called non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) has been extended to additional aspects in cell biology. This is in particular due to intense investigations on this topic in the field of molecular biology applied in human medical research. In addition to classical gene regulation by transcription factors, a number of different ncRNA groups are nowadays seen as key regulatory factors in cells, drawing a bow from their involvement in embryonic development to tumor genesis. Although there are good indications for their existence in eukaryotes like filamentous fungi, only negligible research is carried out in biotechnological relevant microorganisms and no corresponding applications for e.g. industrially used fungi have been reported up to now.

In this project the long ncRNA HAX1, that is the hypothetical activator of Xyr1 (Xylanase regulator 1), which was recently isolated and preliminarily characterized by the team of the project initiator, is the main objective of research. Its structure, its molecular mechanistic mode of action, and its regulatory impact on gene expression will be determined. In particular, the involvement of HAX1 in plant cell wall degrading enzyme production in Trichoderma reesei will be investigated. Obtained results are expected to provide novel insights in fundamental regulatory circuits of gene expression in lower eukaryotes on the one hand and to reveal a new manipulation level of for targeted strain improvement of industrially important filamentous fungi on the other hand.



FWF, project number P26618