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Cytochrome P450 expression in recombinant yeasts - Bionexgen EU project


Project Content:

The EU project BIONEXGEN focuses on the development of the next generation of biocatalysts for industrial chemical synthesises. The projects last in total 36 months and started in February 2011. The collaboration of industrial and academic partners (in total 17 partner from 9 European countries) focus in the four key research areas for amine synthesis, polymers generation from renewable resources, glycosience and wider oxidase applications in the industrial fields.

The ACIB focus on the development of bioprocess technology based generation of novel whole cell biocatalysts. Within a collaboration of 6 months, our group investigates in the bioprocess development of the intercellular recombinant expression of the cytochrome P450 and its reductase CRP from different origins (bacteria, yeasts and humans) in the yeast P. pastoris. Besides the analysis of optimal dissolved oxygen levels for highest P450 expression, the physiological strain characterisation in order to up a robust and reliable production strategy in fed batch operation mode (based on in-house developed methodologies) are the main goals of the project.



Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Christoph Herwig


Christian Dietzsch

External partners:

Prof. Anton Glieder; Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (ACIB)

Dr. Andrea Camattari, TU Graz, Austria