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Online monitoring and modelling of biocatalytic processes in cell culture

Problem Statement:

Mammalian cell cultures are sensitive microsystems for the production of complex biopharmaceutical products. There are many aspects for their successful cultivation and one of them is a good characterization of the physiological state. Overflow metabolism tends to build up in most cultures during the batch phase, resulting in a massive overproduction of metabolites which prove to be toxic at too high concentrations. The overflow metabolism is mostly observed, but not adequately described with models. Often, no automatic control to restrict metabolic waste production is in place at industrial scale, and the process is supervised manually.


This project focuses on the development of online tools for process control. The reactors are equipped with a capacitance probe for determination of biomass online and coupled to an enzymatic analyzer capable of analyzing metabolite levels in high frequent intervals.


Through alteration of the physicochemical environment, the cell will be prompted into entering a more efficient production state. A model is yet required to describe and predict the intricate cellular behavior in non-standard situations and will be within the scope of this work.


Industrial Partner:

Biopharmacutical company



Dipl.-Ing. Viktor Konakovsky

Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Christoph Herwig