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Quantitative Bioprocess Development for Methanogenesis from Gaseous Substrates

Project Content:

Emerging environmental concerns and possible climate change are key questions in the 21st century. Moreover, energy security urges to look for new energy sources, which can be stored safely and efficiently. Therefore our group aims to develop a microbiological based energy production system for high quantity production of methane (CH4) from gaseous substrates.

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is used in order to characterize several microbial strains for revealing detailed information on the strains behaviour on several aspects of growth and methane production during bioprocess development: Influence of real gas effect as promoters and inhibitors, dynamic effects due to changing feed composition and scale up. Quantification will be assured by evaluation of stoichiometric balances kinetic and metabolic models.

This work will provide our industrial partner with detailed information on the microbial process of methanogenesis concerning the strains growth behaviour, methane production and the strains response to several gaseous substrates, enabling mechanization to pilot plant scale. The technology which is aimed to be developed will be very important in respect to the global carbon cycle and renewable energy storage.



Scientific contributions:


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Dr. nat. techStefan Pflügl