Institute of Chemical Engineering
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Special Equipment

•    15 Bioreactors scaling from 1 to 20l working volume

•    Corrosion Resistant Bioreactors

•    Anaerobe Chamber

•    PCR

•    GC-MS

•    In-line Capacitance, Turbidity, NADH, GFP

•    In-line FTIR

•    On-line Enzymatic Photometric Robot

•    On-line GC

•    On-line HPLC

•    Downstream Equipment for Protein Purification

      o    Continuous centrifuge

      o    High Pressure Homogenizer

      o    Pilot Preparative Chromatography System

      o    Protein refolding tank (50l)

      o    Ultra Diafiltration

•    Integrated Process Management System