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Research projects

SUJECO - sustainable jetfuel from CO2

Given the growing concerns about man-made climate change, fixation of CO2 is becoming an increasingly important issue. Several anaerobic bacteria are capable of using CO2, CO and H2 as carbon and energy source, making them promising candidates to fixate carbon from industrial exhaust gases.

Therefore, we are developing and optimizing a gas fermentation process with the anaerobic Acetobacterium woodii in order to generate acetate from flue gas in a first process step. Here, the focus lies on characterizing and circumventing the influence of inhibitors in the gas in order to obtain a stable and scalable process.

In combination, we are establishing a second process step that allows for the conversion of acetate to isopropanol in genetically engineered Escherichia coli W. After strain engineering we aim to characterize the cells’ behaviour to find a matching process strategy. Subsequent process engineering enables a high isopropanol productivity on acetate.

Isopropanol can then be further refined, paving the way for sustainable fuel from microbial fixation of CO2.







Please follow the link to the official website of the doctoral school CO2Refinery