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Development of a Rapid Method for Evaluation of VOC Emissions


Wir bitten um Verständnis, dass die Informationen über dieses Projekt derzeit nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar sind.


Research goals of the project are the development of a rapid method based on the so-called microchamber system (µCTE) combined with thermodesorption GC/MS to predict VOC emissions from wood composite products, as well as the complete identification and quantification of potentially troublesome VOC by optimization and automation of the thermodesorption GC/MS method.

These goals are accomplished by multivariate analysis and modelling of influencing factors and their interactions regarding the VOC emission profile, as well as measurement of wood composite specimens from the ongoing manufacturing process using the microchamber system. Parallel measurements are also done in m3 chambers for comparison.

Quantitative monitoring of low level but highly toxic VOC is considered an important future aspect in the evaluation of VOC emissions and will be established by increasing detection limits and chromatographic resolution using special GC columns and adapted GC/MS method parameters, and by optimizing cryo-focussing methods.

The following sketches illustrate the methods and tasks of the project:


Scientific partners:

  • Competence Centre for Wood Composites and Wood Chemistry, WOOD Kplus, Linz, Austria (
  • University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences - Boku, Department of Material Sciences and Process Engineering, Vienna, Austria (

Industrial Partners:


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