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Head of Project Group

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Hermann Hofbauer

Deputy Head

Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Stefan Müller

Project Group: Gasification and Gas Cleaning

Head: Prof. Dr. Hermann Hofbauer

The Research Group for “Gasification and Gas Cleaning” originates as one of three parts from Prof. Hermann Hofbauer’s former Research Group for “Future Energy Technologies”: =>Link (PDF)

The team focuses on projects from the energy technology sector with a specification on gasification technologies as well as catalytic tar removal from product gas originating from thermo-chemical hydrocarbon conversion processes of various solid feedstocks. In addition to gasification test runs and the measurement of process parameters, the validation and interpretation of mass and energy balances via simulation is an important research work. The experience within the project group and the intensive cooperation with partners from industry allows the simulation and modeling of industrial processes with relevant sizes. This reduces the planning risk of the concept and first engineering phase and enables meaningful economic feasibility assessments.

The mission of the group is to develop fuel flexible, high efficient gasification technologies for the production of high quality syngas => Link (PDF). In the group there is experience with cold flow modeling of fluidized bed systems, design and operation of fluidized bed pilot units, catalytic gas cleaning and a proven background regarding modeling and simulation of energy technology processes.

Recent topics in investigation are:

  • Dual fluidized bed steam gasification of biomass, coal, waste materials (biomass as well as plastic wastes).
  • Construction and investigations with cold flow models for research on fluid dynamics of fluidized beds.
  • Producer gas adaptation by catalytically active bed material.
  • Investigations on the “Sorption Enhanced Reforming” process (calcium looping) for the production of a hydrogen-rich gas or Hythane.
  • CO2-separation via combined processes of dual fluidized bed gasification and O2-combustion.
  • Simulation of industrial sized plants.
  • Catalytic reforming of Product gas components in secondary units (honeycomb, fixed bed, fluidized bed).
  • Development of a new gasification process based on the dual fluidized bed process.
  • Basic practical and theoretical investigations on fluidized bed technology.

The research group is almost fully financed from applied research project sources. The different project types are funded within programs of the European Union, national funds for applied research, and also services directly for companies.


Figures: Development of Dual Fluidized Bed Steam Gasification at the Vienna University of Technology (Schmid J.C. 2016)