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Auxiliary Plant Equipment of the Novel Gasification System

Activated carbon filter for the product gas

Fix installed gas detectors for H2, HCl and O2 measurment of concentration in the air

Movable gas detector for CO2, CH4, SO2, NH3, H2S and CO measurment of concentration in the air

Hopper system with dosing screws and feeding screw into the gasification reactor

Product gas combustion chamber, unpressurized water-steam cycle (natural circulation, open), steam drum, pressure release safety system

Condenser of the unpressurized water-steam cycle

Cooling water of condenser: heat exchanger of the cold supply

Radiation cooler, boiler, cooling pumps and pipes

Steam generator

Fabric filter

Vibrating sieve

Hammer mill

Pelletizing machine

Muffle furnace, drying furnace