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EU-Project "UNIQUE"

The UNIQUE project aims at a compact version of a gasifier by integrating the fluidised bed steam gasification of biomass, the hot gas cleaning and conditioning system into one reactor. The UNIQUE gasifier concept will guarantee the conversion of tar products, the elimination of trace elements and an efficient abatement of the particulate. It is expected that this innovation provides a direct contribution with regard to process simplification and increased process performance in the context of biomass gasification technology.  

Figure 1: Integration of catalytic filter candles, sorbent materials and catalytically active bed material into the dual fluidised bed system for steam gasification of biomass

Within the project several aspects of the UNIQUE gasifier system are under development. Noval bed materials are developed as catalyst for primary and in-bed reduction of heavy hydrocarbons (tars, e.g. naphthalene). Sorbents for elimination of H2S and other detrimental trace elements are investigated. Furthermore, catalytic active filter candles are developed with regard to its characteristics on reforming of higher hydrocarbons and particulate abatement (Fig. 1). With regard to high efficiency syngas utilization SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) will be assembled and connected with a commercial operating gasifier by taking a slip stream over the SOFC unit. The activities within the project are carried out at bench scale and pilot plant scale of 100 kWth fuel input and will be terminated at a prototype scale of 1 MWth fuel input. The scale-up capability will be assessed through validation with experimental data gathered within the bench scale and pilot plant scale investigations. Moreover, a comprehensive simulation and calculation tool for applied use and dissemination will be set up, which covers the entire energy conversion chain from the gasification unit to the application by fuel cell.

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Univ.Ass. Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Dr.techn. Johannes Schmid

Project team:

Christoph Varga

Stefan Koppatz

Christoph Pfeifer

Project status:

Project finalized, report published