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Fuel Flexible Dual Fluidized Bed Steam Gasification

By means of the dual fluidized bed steam gasification, biomass can be converted into a valuable product gas. This product gas can be utilized as electricity or heat, or as resource for syntheses e.g. the synthesis of BioSNG, Fischer-Tropsch Diesel and other synthetic hydrocarbons to replace fossil fuels. With biomass as feed material these goods can be produced CO2-neutral. At industrial applied plants only high-grade wood or partially residual wood from forestry are used as fuel. Due to rising fuel costs of wood and currently low profits for electricity and heat production an economical operation is challenging.

The aim of the project is to integrate the dual fluidized bed steam gasification technology in a pulp and paper mill. The focus is on fuel flexible operation of the dual fluidized bed steam gasification process and utilization of biogenic residues and wastes as feedstock. Selected fuels are tested in gasification experiments at the 100 kW pilot plant at TU Wien. Thereby, also fuel blends should be tested. The experimental results and evaluation through process simulation allow calculation basis for a potential scale-up of the technology. Additionally, techno-economic studies are performed and a process development with integration of the dual fluidized bed steam gasification process in a pulp and paper mill is evaluated.

Project partner and financial support:

  • Bioenergy 2020+ GmbH (consortium leader)
  • Mondi Uncoated Fine & Kraft Paper GmbH
  • REPOTEC GmbH & Co KG

This project receives funding from the COMET program managed by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency.

Contact / Project Lead:

Florian Benedikt

Matthias Kuba


Johannes Schmid

Hermann Hofbauer

Josef Fuchs

Anna Mauerhofer

Project Status: