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Evaluation of a manufacturing process of fluidized bed methanation catalysts.

Short description:

As part of a research project at the Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering, a synthesis gas is generated by the thermochemical conversion of solid residual fuels, which is subsequently to be converted into synthetic natural gas in a fluidized bed methanation reactor. The aim is to substitute fossil natural gas with the help of waste fuels and thereby make a significant contribution to achieving the climate goals. Since fluidized bed methanation catalysts are not commercially available, the Institute of Materials Chemistry provides its expertise in the field of catalyst production.


  • Literature research on production methods of "fluidized bed" methanation catalysts,
  • Accompanying the synthesis of fluidized bed methane catalysts in grams and kilograms,
  • Parameter study of the production process in gram scale,
  • Analytical investigation of the prepared and optionally commercially available methanation catalysts.

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Send your applications with curriculum vitae, motivation letter and list of completed lectures to:
DI Florian Benedikt
DI Alexander Bartik


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