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Bachelor Thesis

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Diploma Thesis

We are looking for a diploma student as reinforcement for our team who wants to reseache the topic:

"Optimization of a glycol gas drying plant of the natural gas storage Tallesbrunn".

You´ll work in a project of OMV Gas Storage GmbH and the Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering at the TU Wien (Prof. Dr. Hermann Hofbauer, Research Group "Sustainable Energy Technology").

Short description:

Since 1974, OMV has been using extracted oil and gas deposits as natural gas storage facilities. In the pores of the reservoir rock, where natural gas has been around for millions of years, natural gas is stored a short time. At a depth of 500 to 1,500 m with a pressure of up to 120 bar, a total of 2.234 billion m³ of natural gas can be stored in the reservoirs in Lower Austria. The plants are designed to take over the natural gas from the gas pipelines and to press into the natural gas deposits, as well as to promote, recycle and transfer it to the gas pipelines. The open-top plant consists of a chain of process plants, the drying plants represent an essential process step.


In this diploma thesis, the triethylene glycol drying plant including regeneration and thermal oil plant is to be modeled in detail. After comprehensive data collection, design capacity and critical limit parameters are to be determined for the numerous operational pressure and quantity requirements. The verification of the model is based on current operating parameters. The influence of the degree of purity of the prepared triethylene glycol on the drying capacity shall be analyzed and possible measures for optimization determined..

You can find the the whole vacancy note here in german. If we have aroused your interest, please apply with CV, letter of motivation and list of your completed courses at DI Florian Benedikt and DI Josef Fuchs.



Sorry, currently no vacancies.

Project Stuff

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