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Research Team


Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Dr.techn.

Johannes Schmid MBA

Head of project team, "Gasification and Gas Cleaning"

Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

Hermann Hofbauer

Deputy head of project team, head of the research group "Future Energy Technology"

Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

Stefan Müller

Deputy head of project team, head of process simulation


Anna Mauerhofer

Proj.-Ass., doctoral candidate 2020


Florian Benedikt

Proj.-Ass., doctoral candidate 2018

Univ.-Ass. Dipl.-Ing.

Josef Fuchs

Proj.-Ass., doctoral candidate 2019

Support and supervision of theses

Emanuel Boschmeier

(Bachelor thesis 2018)


Constantin Walcher   Martin Hammerschmid

(Master thesis 2018)    (Master thesis 2018)


Ilaria Ricciuto            Markus Pribyl

(Master thesis 2018)    (Master thesis 2018)


Fatemeh Hassanli       Michael Malicha

(Master thesis 2018)    (Master thesis 2018)


Michael Eberharter    Arash Aghaalikhani

(Bachelor thesis 2018)  (Doctoral canditate 2019)

Alumni Leadership Positions

Head of "Gasification & Gas Cleaning":

since 2015 Johannes Schmid

2006-2013 Christoph Pfeifer

2000-2006 Reinhard Rauch

till 2000 & 2013-2015 Hermann Hofbauer



Head of "Process Simulation & Modeling"

since 2013 Stefan Müller

2004-2012 Tobias Pröll

till 2003 Hermann Hofbauer

Alumni Students & Project Employees

Dhruv Rathee

(Master thesis 2018)


Lara Theiss                Andreas Bickel

(Master thesis 2017)    (Master thesis 2018)


Matheus Teles            Jakob Ebner

(Master thesis 2017)    (Master thesis 2018)


Barbara Wojnicka      Monica Martin

(Internship 2017)         (Master thesis 2017)


Ralf Lattouf                 Stefan Hemetsberger 

(Doctoral thesis 2017)    (Doctoral thesis 2017)   


Magdalena Rihs           Martin Hammerschmid

(Bachelor thesis 2016)    (Bachelor thesis 2016)


Cesar Jorge Aguiari     Thomas Keller

(Doctoral thesis 2016)    (Bachelor thesis 2016)


Max Kolbitsch              Tamara Lechner

(Doctoral thesis 2016)    (Bachelor thesis 2016)


Peter Stipsitz                Constantin Walcher     

(Bachelor thesis 2016)   (Bachelor thesis 2016)


Herbert Pasteiner         Roland Diem

(Master thesis 2015)     (Doctoral thesis 2015)


Reinhard Jentsch           Daniel Cenk Rosenfeld

(Master thesis 2015)      (Bachelor thesis 2014)


Michael Weitzer           Mario Schmalzl

(Bachelor thesis 2014)  (Master thesis 2014)


Josef Fuchs                   Dalibor Martinovic

(Master thesis 2013)     (Master thesis 2013)

Team 2017

2017: Team Gasification and Gas Cleaning: Andreas Bickel, Michael Eberharter, Barbara Wojnicka, Dhruv Rathee, Hermann Hofbauer, Florian Benedikt, Matheus Teles, Lara Theiss, Josef Fuchs, Anna Mauerhofer, Stefan Müller, Monica Martin, Johannes Schmid (Leitung)

Jour fixe Team 2016

2016: Gasification Jour fixe: Team "Gasification and Gas Cleaning", team of the project group "Synthetic Biofuels", and members of  "Bioenergy 2020+" at the gasification jour fixe in April 2016: Stephan Kraft, Mario Trimmel, Stefan Salbrechter, Zeliah Kasapoglu, Robert Bardolf, Richard Obmann, Michael Kraussler, Stefan Müller, Josef Fuchs, Florian Benedikt, Christian Kerschdorfer, Hermann Hofbauer, Friedrich Kirnbauer, Joana Kryca, Matthias Kuba, Maximilian Kolbitsch, Stefan Hemetsberger, Reinhard Rauch, Johannes Schmid

Team 2015/2016

2016: Team Gasification & Gas Cleaning: Stefan Hemetsberger, Maximilian Kolbitsch, Florian Benedikt, Josef Fuchs, Stefan Müller, Tamara Lechner, Peter Stipsitz, Johannes Schmid (head)

Team plant construction 2013/2014

2014: Team for plant construction and E/MSR equipment of the novel 100 kW gasifier: Stefan Müller, Johannes Schmid (head of planning & construction), Hermann Hofbauer, Michael Weitzer, Roland Diem, Maximilian Kolbitsch, Mario Schmalzl, Dalibor Martinovic

Team steelwork 2013

2013: Team steelwork for the 100 kW gasification pilot plant: Martin Hammerschmid, Roland Diem, Michael Weitzer, Maximilian Kolbitsch

Team 2012

2012: Team Gasification and Gas Cleaning: Johannes Schmid, Christoph Pfeifer (head), Andres Guio, Michael Fuchs, Christoph Varga, Hannes Kitzler, Veronika Wilk, Stefan Kern, Stefan Koppatz, Friedrich Kirnbauer

GGC & CLC team 2011

2011: Team of the Bio-CLC-trial coupling wood gasifier and CLC plant: Klemens Marx, David Wöss, Stefan Penthor, Ignacio Diaz, Tobias Pröll, Hannes Kitzler, Christoph Pfeifer, Veronika Wilk, Johannes Schmid

Team 2010/2011

2011: Team Gasification and Gas Cleaning: Stefan Kern, Veronika Wilk, Johannes Schmid, Hannes Kitzler, Christoph Pfeifer (head), Christoph Varga, Stefan Koppatz