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Aim of the project OxyAB II (Oxyfuel combustion of alternative fuels) was to investigate the influence of oxygen enriched combustion air on sewage sludge combustion in a bubbling fluidized bed. The investigations were carried out in two long term experimental campaigns on a 16 MW Copeland fluidized bed combustor (bubbling fluidized bed, 4.75 m bed diameter) at the site of the Viennese district heat provider “Wien Energie Fernwärme”. During the first campaign, important mechanisms of sewage sludge combustion in bubbling fluidized beds were investigated. In the second campaign, the influence of oxygen enriched air on the process was investigated. All experiments have been evaluated with a process model based on mass and energy balance to get a comprehensive overview of the process. The results show that a moderate increase of the oxygen concentration from 21 to 24 vol% can reduce the secondary fuel demand dramatically an thus, increase the sludge capacity of the plant by up to 30%.

Project Partners:
Wien Energie
Messer Austria GmbH



Projectass. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Stefan Penthor