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Problems and initial situation:

Due to high storage densities, thermochemical storage concepts seem to be promising and auspicious methods for future energy storage. A further advantage is the possibility of more or less loss-free energy storage, if the material can be separated efficiently from the gaseous or liquid reactant which has to be stripped or added (in case of heat release). Preliminary work within a one year´s exploratory study has shown that knowledge about suitable materials is very limited. Even description of material properties is very limited and incomplete.

Targets and method:

A data-based search algorithm will be developed within the project and applied for the preselection of materials. The pre-selected materials will be analysed by using various chemical and physical methods like STA, XRD, RFA, FTIR, BET...

Intended results and knowledge:

The result of work is a comprehensive, data-based catalogue for thermo-chemical substances. By using this catalogue the selection of appropriate materials dependent on the field of application should be possible. The catalogue will describe the substances according to the field of application (temperature), cycle stability (influence of impurities), materials handling and regulations to be considered (emission of fine dust, materials storage and toxicity).

Furthermore the analysis of materials should demonstrate whether thermo-chemical storage concepts could fulfil the expectations to be a future energy storage concept or not.


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