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Wir bitten um Verständnis, dass die Informationen über dieses Projekt derzeit nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar sind.


Thermal utilization of reed in a district heating plant

Large amounts of reed growing every year in the area of the Lake Neusiedl, Burgenland, Austria, but only a small part is currently used. Therefore, a lot of renewable energy is available for thermal utilization if harvesting, pre-treatment and thermal conversion technologies would be available. Aim of the project ENEREED is to investigate and develop pre-treatment methods for thermal conversion. As technologies small as well as large-scale combustors, gasifiers and also the utilization in cement kilns is within the frame of this project. The main part of the Institute of Chemical Engineering in this project is the gasification of pelletized reed in a 100kW gasifier as well as the combustion of chopped reed in a 3 MW district heating plant.

Industrial Partners & Financial Support

  • Amt der burgenländischen Landesregierung
  • Fachhochschulstudiengänge Burgenland
  • Technisches Büro für Maschinenbau und Energietechnik, Dr. Georg Beckmann
  • Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), Climate and Ernergy Fund, New Energies 2020
  • Herz Energietechnik GmbH
  • Lafarge Zement
  • Esterházy Privatstiftung
  • Biomasse Fernheizwerk Güssing
  • World Wide Found for Nature



Univ.Ass. Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Dr.techn. Johannes Schmid

Project Team:

Hannes Kitzler

Christoph Pfeifer

Project status:

Project finalized, report published