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Project Overview

The research and training program of the TUW-DK CO2Refinery covers a wide range of methods and will integrate multiple disciplines required to implement a fully functional facility for refining and upgrading CO2 on a technical center scale. The future “one carbon engineers” will work together on the development of technologies to efficiently utilize CO2 as a carbon source to make a broad variety of products using chemical and biological catalysts. In addition to synthesis of products from CO2, CO2Refinery will focus on activation of CO2 for utilization as a carbon source in synthesis processes. Moreover, using renewable resources such as biomass and energy, energy storage with CO2 as the scaffold will be investigated.

The strategy of CO2Refinery is complemented by research on systems engineering, modelling, and analysis to provide the framework of the individual unit operations. Additionally, life cycle analysis will be used as a powerful tool to evaluate performance of the refinery on an economic scale. Within the proposed research framework, the members of the TUW-DK will be trained interdisciplinary to obtain a unique skillset. Graduates from the TUW-DK CO2Refinery are envisioned to work at the forefront of groundbreaking research, but also to implement the concepts and ideas of a CO2 refinery in industry.