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PhD #1: Thermo-chemical CO2 conversion of biomass to syngas

Open Position - PhD #1

This PhD project focuses on the thermo-chemical conversion of CO2 to syngas, which is a mixture of CO, CO2, H2,  small  amounts  of  higher  hydrocarbons  and  H2O. The CO2 is  fed together with steam or in pure form into a fluidized bed gasifier, where biomass is converted to a high-value syngas. In this process, the end product CO2 is converted to CO which is the carbon source for further synthesis routes. This syngas is further used for the production of biofuels, synthetic natural gas, fine chemicals, proteins or nutrients in the  other  PhDs  theses  of  this  doctoral  college.  Therefore,  it  is  import  to  have  knowledge  about  the  downstream processes of syngas utilization and its optimal composition as well.

In close interaction with PIs and PhD students within this doctoral college, suitable syngas compositions will be evaluated, and the CO2 biomass gasification process integrated in the CO2Refinery. The aim of this PhD project is to optimize the  operation  parameters  during  CO2  gasification  to  increase  the  CO2  conversion  and  carbon  utilization  efficiency.