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PhD #7: Carbon utilization by synthetic natural gas production

Open Position PhD #7

The aim of this PhD project is to optimize the production of synthetic natural gas (SNG) suitable for gas grid feed-in with variable gas mixtures derived from CO2 gasification with focus on high CO2 contents in syngas.  Thereby,  the  fluidized  bed  catalysts  shall  be  developed  with  increased  attrition  resistance  and  enhanced  CO2  conversion,  maximized  carbon  conversion  by  variable  syngas  compositions  and  limited  carbon  deposition  on  the  catalyst  surface.  Basic  research  for  parameter  variation  of  e.g.  reactor  design, gas hourly space velocity, process temperature, process pressure and testing of different catalysts shall be conducted.


Co-PIs: Michael HARASEK, Florian BENDEDIKT