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Interuniversity Cooperation Center Water and Health

Head: Privatdoz. Mag. Dr.rer.nat. Andreas Farnleitner, MSc.Tox.




The research group "Environmental Microbiology and Molecular Diagnostics", headed by Prof. Dr. Andreas Farnleitner, is a member of the Inter-University Cooperation Center Water and Health (ICC Water & Health), an association of several research groups of the TU Vienna, the Medical University Vienna and the Karl Landsteiner University for Health Sciences in Krems.


The quality of water is of fundamental importance for human health in all areas of life. Research into all factors that impair water quality and the development of methods and concepts to sustainably improve and maintain it in the interests of prevention is therefore a decisive pillar for the preservation of public health. Founded in 2014, ICC Water & Health combines for the first time in Austria all the necessary competencies in this field.


Activities focus on the development of innovative concepts, new physicochemical, microbiological and molecular biological methods as well as numerical models for the hygienic investigation of water quality. The knowledge gained is used to derive effective and sustainable management measures related to the type of use (drinking water, bathing water, water for the medical sector, etc.). The preventive claim in relation to effects on human health and the associated social added value are thus directly connected to the basic scientific activities of the research cooperation.


All details about the participating research groups, activities, publications and services offered can be found on our website