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Ageing of cleanable dust filters

Due to their high filtration efficiency, especially at high raw gas concentrations, cleanable filter media play an important role in the dedusting industry. Therefore the aging behavior of such filter media which is determined by clogging mechanisms is of vital interest.

To perform long term aging tests a filtration apparatus (aging-chamber – Fig.1) based on the VDI 3926 standard Typ 2 test rig has been designed and built by the company Palas GmbH.

Previous work, investigating the aging behavior of different filter media with the above mentioned aging chamber at time controlled operation, showed an extreme increase of the filter media pressure drop after a certain aging time. This is caused by the constant cleaning conditions and the increasing pressure drop before cleaning.

Actual research focuses on the influence of different test dust on the aging behavior of different filter media. Furthermore it is a goal to mathematically and physically describe the observed pressure drop behavior.


Additional information can be found here.

Fig. 1 Aging-chamber



Ass.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Gerd Mauschitz


Markus Stecher