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Life Cycle Analysis

To achieve sustainable development, it is important to fully understand existing and future processes, products or services for their environmental impact. This requires a holistic approach and consideration of the entire life cycle. The Life Cycle Assessment LCA method offers exactly this approach and should be used at the institute to analyze new technologies. The focus is currently on biorefineries which, for example, produce biogas or process lignocellulose-containing biomass. For these projects the GaBi software and GaBi databases are available in the research group.

LCA - Process Development lignocellulosic bioraffinery

In order to be able to estimate the environmental impact already in the process development phase of nano-lignin production, a life cycle assessment (LCA) is carried out. Through the accompanying LCA informed decisions can be made to select those production options that seek sustainable development. The nano-lignin products from the biorefinery will offer many applications in the future to replace conventional, non-renewable resources.

LCA - Example Plant Biogas Biorefinery

Whether, for example, a change in business in biogas plants from biogas production to flexible electricity production and the associated additional investments pay, must be clarified in advance. In addition to a detailed economic analysis and the simulation of various scenarios of flexible power generation, the consideration of the environmental impact in the context of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can provide an important basis for decision-making. By considering a model plant from Austria and comparing different scenarios, plant operators receive important information on the optimal operation of their plant.



Univ.Ass. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Bettina Mihalyi