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Development of new treatment methods and processes for the recycling of textile waste of a granular material composition

The aim of the TEX2MAT project is to develop an ideal, SME-compatible process for quality-assured, material recycling for specifically selected areas (workwear, towels, technical nonwovens) of the "multi-materials textile waste". The material cycle should be closed from the raw material to the raw material. Key elements of the new process are, for the first time, new technologies and methods introduced by the scientific project partners for the separation and processing of these wastes of polyester, polyamides and blended fabrics. The separation of the materials will be enzymatic with a new methodical approach of IFA / TU. The resulting materials are characterized and sorted into quality classes. Using fiber processing technologies, granulation / compounding by the Montanuniversität, the raw materials thus obtained are processed into fibers or injection-molded parts. In three concrete case studies corresponding to the different material flows, the new process is practically tested and its suitability is evaluated with the objective of producing new 1A fibers or new 1A components from the separated material waste.

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Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Andreas Bartl