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Electrical Enhanced Filtration

Today in industrial facilities the removal/collection of fine particles from gas streams is mostly accomplished by fabric filtration in jet-pulsed bag filters to meet the stringent dust emissions limit. During the last 15 years electrostatic precipitators have lost ground over bag filters for some applications, mainly because performing according to required emission limits would have resulted in uneconomically large electrostatic precipitators units. The concept of combining an electrostatic precipitator as a pre-separator followed by a bag filter is more complex than one system, but it also has its merits. The electrostatic precipitators will pre-separate most particles to reduce the particle load of the subsequent bag filter and thereby the number of cleaning pulses will be reduced. This is positive for the pressure drop of the entire filter and thereby for the energy consumption as well as for the life time of the filter bags.  Also the emission will be reduced. In this project focus will be made on Electrically Enhanced Filtration which will optimise the separation process.


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Filter test rig with high voltage pre-stage



Ass.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Gerd Mauschitz


Felix Lebl