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Extraction of secondary plant compounds

Aside the vital primary plant compounds plants also generate so-called secondary plant compounds or phytoprotectants. These provide the plants with explicit survival advantages. Often the very phytoprotectants exert most positive effects on humans, too. Ever since in history there are countless records on man‘s efforts in taking advantage of these positive qualities.

Nutritional awareness of man has risen considerably over the past years and just so has the interest in healthy phytoprotectants. New technologies provide new ways of extracting those bioactive substances. These methods can be subdevided into conventional (maceration, hydro-destillation and Soxhlet extraction) and non-conventional groups (ultrasound/microwave-, supercritical fluid-, electroporation-aided to name but a few).

The challenge often lies within a conflict of both a preferably exhaustive extraction and a process, that is taking into consideration the sensibility of secondary plant compounds while it is also set up to be sustainable and economic




Univ.Ass. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Bettina Mihalyi