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Integration of phosphorus recovery in the cement production process for the recycling of sewage sludge

The focus of the research project is the selection of a suitable method for phosphorus recovery, which can be usefully integrated into cement production. The aim is to develop a holistic solution that uses the existing energetic and economic advantages of co-incineration in the cement plant and guarantees a high product quality of the cement. The aim is to implement the process in a laboratory-scale pilot plant. The objective is the sustainable, energy-efficient and residue-free recycling of sewage sludge and the extraction of the critical raw material phosphorus and other recyclable materials contained in sewage sludge such as iron, calcium, silicon or aluminum. The modeling should also have in mind the energy and resource optimization of the energy-intensive cement industry and designs an economically advantageous process that allows a market launch 3 to 5 years after the end of the project.

Aims of CEMphos:

  • Recovery of phosphorus(acid) with universal applicability e.g. for the production of fertilizers with high safety standards and market acceptance

  • A phosphorus recycling rate of 85% waste-free recycling of sewage and industrial sludge with minimum energy input

  • Reuse of 100% iron and slag in cement production

  • Work-up or low-volume landfilling of heavy metals

CEMphos is a FFG funded project under the program "Production of the future".

Project Number: 864855

Contact/Project Lead:

Stefan Müller

Hermann Hofbauer


Florian Benedikt

Sebastian Diem

Markus Pribyl

Constantin Walcher

Ferdinand Thelen

Lisa Adam

Julia Hofbauer

Project Status: