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Diploma thesis: Determination of agglomeration temperature in a fluidized bed

The Institute of Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering is looking for a diploma student for the topic:

Determination of the agglomeration temperature in a fluidized bed

A frequently encountered problem in the thermal utilization of biogenic residues in fluidized bed reactors is the agglomeration of the bed material. The interaction of the bed material with low-melting, mostly potassium-rich ash particles form agglomerates. These lead to a disturbance of the vortex behavior and in the worst case to a complete prevention of the fluidization of the fluidized bed in the reactor. At the Vienna University of Technology, a laboratory test apparatus was developed to determine the agglomeration temperature. The aim of the research is to derive a standard determination method for fluidized bed systems on the basis of this laboratory apparatus and to prove this with some examples.


  • Literature research on existing test equipment and determination methods for the agglomeration temperature
  • Comparison and evaluation of the agglomeration experiments undertaken therewith
  • Determination of a possible standard test procedure
  • Further development of the system at the Vienna University of Technology with the help of own experiments
  • Implementation of standardized tests with different biogenic residues for the detection of functionality

If you are interested, please send your CV, letter of motivation and a list of your completed courses to Dipl. Ing. Sebastian Diem and Univ. Prof. Dr. Hermann Hofbauer.