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Testing of Combustion Systems

Within the scope of this field of activity The Test Laboratory for Combustion Systems carries out the testing of small and large scale combustion systems.

With * marked methods are accredited.

Testing of (wood log and pellets) combustion systems
Roomheaters fired by solid fuel (wood log) EN 13240*
EN 13229*
Roomheaters fired by solid fuel (wood pellets) EN 14785*
Heating boilers for solid fuels (wood log / pellets) EN 303-5*
Residential cookers / stoves fired by solid fuel EN 12815*
Slow heat release appliances fired by solid fuel EN 15250*
Residential solid fuel burning appliances EN 16510-1*
Dimensioning of tiled stoves Ă–NORM B 8303*
Further country-specific / international requirements and standards on request For example:

Agreement according to Article 15a B-VG
on the market invention of small combustion systems and the inspection of combustion systems and combined heat and power plants in Austria

UZ 37
Guidline for the Austrian eco-label for wood heating systems

Federal Emission Protection Ordinance (Ordinance on small and medium-sized combustion systems) in Germany

Directive / regulation of the European Union for the environmentally friendly design of energy-related products

Certificato Ambientale
riferito a decreto legislativo 7 novembre 2017, n. 186


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